Carbon Capture Recovery Technologies for Flue Gas Streams Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Carbon capture, or CO2 capture, is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from flue gases produced by fossil-fuel power plants, refineries, and chemical plants.

Fluor has developed patented carbon-dioxide recovery process technologies, including:

  • Fluor SolventSM Process - a dry propylene solvent to remove H2S and CO2 from gas streams.
  • Fluor EconamineSM technology - using diglycolamine as the aqueous solvent for H2S and CO2 removal from gas streams.
  • Fluor Econamine FG PlusSM technology - using an amine to capture and produce food grade CO2 from post combustion sources. The Fluor Econamine FG Plus technology is also used for carbon capture and sequestration projects.

The Fluor Econamine FG Plus technology provides clients with an energy-efficient and cost-effective process for the removal of CO2 from low-pressure, oxygen-containing flue gas streams. The Fluor Econamine FG Plus technology offers a post-combustion CO2 capture option and is easy to retrofit to existing facilities.


EFG+ technology benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for removal of CO2
  • More than 20 years of experience with more than 25 commercial installations globally
  • Solvent is neither custom manufactured nor expensive. The primary ingredient is readily available worldwide.


  • Only process with extensive proven operating experience in the removal of CO2
    • High oxygen content flue gases (up to 20% by volume)
    • Low CO2 content flue gases
    • Gas turbine exhaust gas (pressure-sensitive source)

Refinery and Chemical Applications

The Econamine FG Plus technology can be applied to numerous refinery and chemical projects, such as:

  • Fired Heaters and Steam Generators
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Fertilizer and Methanol Plants
  • Sulfur Plants
  • Gas Engines/Turbines

Depending on the number and location of the sources in a refinery, Fluor can determine the most economical way to capture as much CO2 as desired.

Power Plant Applications

Fluor’s proprietary Econamine FG Plus technology can be customized to meet a power plant’s unique site requirements, flue gas conditions and operating parameters.

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Econamine FG Plus Process
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Fluor is the only technology vendor with long-term commercial operating experience in CO2 recovery from flue gas with a very high oxygen concentration. This history has made Fluor a global leader in CO2 capture.

Learn more about the Fluor Econamine FG PlusSM technology.