Values, Purpose and Vision

Fluor’s culture embraces key elements declared in our Core Values, Purpose and Vision. Together, these define our impact on the world and outline the path we take to achieve our business objectives.


Fluor’s Core Values act as our behavioral compass. They guide our actions, advance our objectives and power our performance. We must live our Core Values without compromise.

We promote a caring, preventive culture where no one gets hurt – through an uncompromising focus on safety in the workplace.

We live by the highest ethical standards. Our actions are consistent with our values and principles.

As One Fluor, we treat all people with dignity, respect each other’s perspective, and share knowledge and resources to achieve excellence, deliver value and grow individually and collectively.

We strive to deliver quality fit-for-purpose solutions at unmatched value.


Our Purpose statement describes why we are in business – our reason for being.

We transform the world…
The projects we undertake have a positive impact on society. We help businesses grow, economies thrive and communities flourish.

…by building prosperity
Every day, we work together to build a more prosperous future for our clients, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we work and live.

…and empowering progress.
Our projects are the building blocks of economic progress and community development. We enable change and play an important role in moving the world forward.


Thinking beyond our day-to-day activities, our Vision statement identifies our aspirations and outlines our key differentiators.

To be the preferred choice in our industry…
We want Fluor to be the top choice in the EPFCM industry. A partner that clients choose to manage their complex projects. A place that employees want to work. And a company that shareholders want to invest in.

…through our commitment to safety,
We want to be known as an innovator in workplace safety – a company that promotes a culture of caring and leads the way in the development and implementation of safety best practices.

…cost-competitive innovation
Our clients demand cost-competitive solutions. We have invested in new tools that allow us to drive cost and schedule certainty and to optimize efficiency.

…and execution excellence.
Fluor is a company committed to quality and flawless personal performance. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve added new tools and resources that ensure our projects are bid and executed with excellence.